Friday, March 10, 2006

Welcome To MartyrdomLand, Hamas For Kids

That's real nice, breeding murderers. Amnesty International, where are you? This article from Front Page Mag "Hamas Bids Children to Die.

Hamas has a special web site for children,, where violence is glorified and death for Allah is labelled a "victory." Al-Fateh means 'The Conqueror.' The Shahada deaths of terrorists during attacks against Israel are presented to children as a time of celebration. A mother is quoted on the website as saying that when she heard that her son had become a shahid (martyr), she bought dates, candies and coffee to give out.

The website features a page entitled 'Stories of the Shahids.' The current story honors Hamas suicide terrorist Naseem Ja'abari who killed 16 people in a bus bombing in Beersheba on August 31, 2004.
The drawing of the religious girl participating in the violence (at right) appears both on the homepage as well as a second page with a poem glorifying fighting, Jihad, and Shahada (Death for Allah). Israel is referred to as "thief" and "invader," and its defeat in battle is both desired and anticipated.
Following are translations of the poem and excerpts from 'Stories of the Shahids.'
We rose up
We rose up against the thievesWe rose up against [them], and we shall never surrender
We will rise up in determination, like our ancestorsWe will sacrifice, sacrifice our livesOur father's bidding has taught usThat Jihad is the eternal pathAnd that the oppressors will be defeated...
We have become devoted and we will never surrenderOne day we will defeat all the invadersWe bless and honor the proudThe blood of the shahid has taught us That Shahada is a new lifeO Allah, bless the steps of the rebelsIndeed, Shahada is an open victory[Al-Fateh website, March 7, 2006]

Stories of the Shahids

"...Our shahid today is the the Shahada-seeker, the hero Naseem Al-Ja'abari."
Naseem's mother tells of her son's merits and says that when she heard of his terrorist action, she took the money he had left her and "went to buy dates and candies for the people who came to congratulate [us]." She goes on to tell how she heard her son commited the suicide bombing. Finally, she sends her greetings to all those people who want to become shahids.
Naseem's mother also gloats that "[in light] of the success of the heroic attack in Beersheba, the Zionist Secret Service admitted they failed in eliminating the Resistance [a Palestinian euphemism for terror], its roots and infrastructure".[Al-Fateh website, March 7, 2006]

This on a website for children.


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