Thursday, April 13, 2006

Gonna Have A Treat In The Coming Weeks

A few years back, I had the pleasure of getting to know Mr. Jack Loughran, a pilot for Air America. Jack flew an incredible amount of missions in Cambodia, Vietnam, Korea and all throughout Asia and world and had the most fascinating stories. We all thought he surely embellished the stories a bit, the ones he told me were verified through certain sources.

A book was started on the life of Jack but was never completed due to his death nearly 2 years ago, he died of complications due to Parkinson's disease. When I get the time, I am going to compile the notes that Jack had for his book, and post them here or create a quickie website and put it on there. You will get to read such things such as his hand-to-hand fighting that included the killing of over 100 enemy solders, to a situation where he and his comrades were captured, were nearly thrown out of a plane and they actually ended up taking over the plane and threw a few enemy soldiers out, flying Kings, Queens, rich Arabs around the world, staying at their palaces, to flying meat and appliances in and around South, Central America, Mexico and Asia in the dead of night, to flying Frannk Sinatra to and from Los Angeles to Palm Springs.

Back in the early 80's, a producer from Hollywood sent out a couple of assistant's to interview Jack for a potential movie, after a few days, he got up and left because of boredom.

Jack had told us he didn't think his life was that extraordinary, but if we wanted to tell his story, we were free to do it.......well I'm going to take that opportunity on!

revision 3:35pm: Sergeant America, would this be appropriate?


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