Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A Great Case For NOT Going To War With Iran

h/t Steve's Hodgepodge

Great post, here's a snippet from Beakerkin:

Iran is declining and faces many serious problems. It has serveral indigenous people seeking independence or to be reunited with their bretheren across borders. The oil economy is in its last stages and even if the nuclear program were 100% for civilian use this would hardly do more than postpone the inevitable. Iran also has a severe drug problem and all of this is being obscured by belicose rhetoric from the Mullahs.

The Iranian people are the countries best resource. In a modern economy human capital trumps natural resources. Japan has no natural resources, but it does have a first rate educational system. Long term natural resources are also dependent of human inovation. As prices for comodities rise cheaper alternatives are found. The notion that Oil as we know it today will be the key source of energy even ten years from now is just unknown. Maybe coal gasification will be a real energy source. Our enemies both Commie and Jihadi are extrapolating from the present to the future.

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