Friday, August 03, 2007

Cross Dressing al-Qaeda 'baters Caught

That felt good to write that.

Mike Yon witnessed Operation Arrow Ripper in Baqubah:

  • "As the attack unfolded, about a thousand Iraqis fled their homes, and it was the job of C-52 to screen for al Qaeda. Some al Qaeda—who cross-dressed and tried to slip out as women—were caught when their disguises failed. Some Iraqis reported that homes in their areas had been destroyed, and I recall one saying that people were trapped in the rubble, though civilian deaths from our attacks were so low they were difficult to count. (I had free range and was specifically watching for civilian fatalities, yet did not see any civilians killed by us during the attack.)
    The deliberate pace of the attack, the systematic and thorough process of clearing the city house by house, street by street, and block by block, were factors in this; but the civilian and military casualties were also kept low by the unexpected and overwhelming cooperation of ordinary Iraqi citizens, who pointed out the enemy and many of the bombs set to ambush troops..."

Mike talks about the build up to the battle, the surrounding of Baqubah, and the success that C-52 begins to have. Mike ends with a teaser that you want to keep checking his online magazine for Part 2...


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