Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Axis of Evil Revisited

Lefty's who believe GW Bush went overboard with the Axis of Evil statement are living in a phony world. The people of North Korea, those in their own country's torture coamps, would literally kill to be in the resort setting of Guantanamo Bay. Those who want to understand what real torture is, not the dog barking in your face or waterboarding, read this from a 20 year old, North Korean defector. BTW, he had never heard of his country's leader Kim Jong Il.......being locked up in torture camps tend to keep you from hearing anything in the outside world.


When Mr. Shin was 13, his mother and brother attempted an escape, unsuccessfully. That day, a civilian car met Mr. Shin outside the camp school. He was driven to a secret, underground location.

There, guards demanded details of the plot. Mr. Shin was ignorant of it.
He was suspended over a fire. When he screamed, a hook was hacked into his groin. Unconscious, he was slung into a cell with a skeletal old man.

The man cared for the child's festering injuries and gave him his own
meager rations. It was the first time Mr. Shin had ever received affection from another human. "I will never forget him," Mr. Shin wrote. "I came to love him more than my parents."

After seven months, Mr. Shin was released to witness his mother's hanging and his brother's execution by shooting. Mr. Shin noticed his father in tears, but he had only one emotion: "I was furious with them; as a result of their crimes, I was subject to torture."

Life continued. His niece was raped and killed by guards. He dropped a sewing machine; guards chopped off a fingertip with a knife. Constantly hungry, he once found three corn kernels in a pile of cow manure, his "lucky day." Unaware of any world beyond the wire, his dreams were to excel at work, gain permission to marry or become a team leader.

h/t The Laura Ingraham Show


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I simply can't imagine.


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