Tuesday, October 09, 2007

More Proof That Harry Reid Is A Spineless, Wussbag, Pinhead

Second Lady Lynne Cheney has been defending Mitt Romney against attacks based solely on the fact that he's a Mormon.As, in fact, all of us should be doing. Religious bigotry -- whether it's directed against a Democrat or a Republican -- is just plain wrong. But it's particularly noteworthy that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has been so silent -- after all, he's a Mormon, too. It's Reid's right to speak up or not, as he chooses. But his silence forces the question: Is bigotry against his own religion OK with Reid so long as it's directed at someone with whom he disagrees politically? After all, it's hard to imagine him standing idly by if a Democrat co-religionist were being attacked in a comparable way.


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