Monday, December 31, 2007

AMERICAN HERO: Marco Martinez Tells His Courageous Story

Gateway Pundit has a great piece to end up the year. Here's a snippet:

Marco A. Martinez, a young Marine and war hero, describes his early years as a gang-banger to his days in boot camp to the heat of battle in Iraq. Martinez has a gift for writing and gritty style that keeps you interested. Perhaps the best review listed for his book came from this young man:

My name is Paul Gardner, known in the book as just "Gardner", and as someone who fought in battle with Sgt Martinez, I can and will vouch for this book. If it wasn't for Marco Martinez' actions that day, April 12, 2003, I would not be alive today. The enemy was trying their hardest to shoot me again and finish me off after the initial gun shot wound I suffered, hitting my spinal cord and immediantly paralyzing my body. I was forced to just watch the insurgents shoot round after round at my limp and motionless body. I was so scared and knew I was going to die. I passed out from shock.

What unfolded in the next five minutes while I was passed out was simply the most brave and selfless action I never got to see, just hear about and read about later.

Here's the link.


At 9:10 AM, Blogger Elmer's Brother said...

great story...Semper Fi!


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