Friday, January 18, 2008

Screw Islamofascism, Let's Get To The Important Stuff

Sen. Clinton will reportedly hold a news conference next week to decry the lack of African-American characters in fairy tales, and note that her husband was “doing what he could to advance Civil Rights in this arena.”

“Each night, as American children go to bed,” Sen. Clinton will reportedly say, “they hear fantastic tales from which blacks are almost entirely absent. African-American children are made to feel that there’s no place for them in imaginary society. While caucasian children live in blissful ignorance, in a fantasy world that’s lilly, or should I say snow, white.”

From none other than ScrappleFace ....heh.

Speaking of fairy tales.....
......this photo was/is the biggest load of BS around's our conniving lovebirds one week before Lewinsky becomes a part of the American vernacular


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