Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Iraq vs Vietnam

These wars are not comparable, differences being:

The Enemy
Vietnam - we confronted a nation with a military ov over 1 million men, hardened by previous wars with the Japanese, French and South Vietnamese and they had a communist agenda.

Iraq - No real nation to speak of, no organized army or leader, just a bunch of terrorists with car bombs and IED's.

The Enemy's Allies
Vietnam - North Vietnamese received unlimited support from 2 huge superpowers, the Soviet Union and China.

Iraq - These terrorists receive relatively no government support, we know it's there (Syria, Iran) but none that make that public.

Our Army
Vietnam - Our military was made up from the draft.

Iraq - Everyone fighting in Iraq enlisted voluntarily.....please tell that to "The Professional Griever", Cindy Sheehan.

Vietnam - Over 58,000 deaths in Vietnam

Iraq - just over 2,000.......and less than what we endured on Sept. 11 2001

The Media
Vietnam - There were only TV networks that carried the news and they generally downplayed any sign of success/progress....I was a bit young but from what info I gathered, I believe this to be true.

Iraq - The MSM definitely has an agenda...anti-war. At least now we have Fox News, talk radio and the blogosphere! Thank God!

Vietnam - The Democrats contolled the power in Washington, had control of both houses and Congress, and we all remember what happened to their "peace candidate" George McGovern in the 1972 elections, his "Come Home, America" slogan got him creamed in the '72 Presidential elections, losing 49 of 50 states. There were a series of votes calling for the cutting off of the military which served to undermine our military.

Iraq - Republicans in control and no resolution to withdraw, at least nothing more than 20% of either the house of Congress.

Vietnam - Watergate, without it, Nixon and the Republicans probaly would prevented the Democrats from winning lop-sided victories in the House and Senate.

Iraq - Well, you can't saythe Democrats haven't tried to stir up the pot here....everything from Valeri Plame, to Tom Delay to Dick Cheney hunting for Halliburton. ;-)

What's At Stake
Vietnam - Vietnam only wanted to control Vietnam, not send in their armies into the US, plus we had to stand up to the Soviet Union, couldn't back down from them.

Iraq - They brought their fight into our homeland and continue to from terrorist cells and call for the blood and destruction of our country.

Even though the general public did not like the war in Vietnam, the last thing I believe they wanted was for us to surrender. Today there is a similar mood, not liking the war (who does) ad it is reported that less than 20% want withdrawal. It's going to take a bit longer, but the last thing we need to do is withdraw our troops, we're winning and close to having Iraqi control in the streets. We need to learn from past mistakes.


At 8:43 PM, Blogger MissingLink said...

As you pointed out the differences are many and virtually no similarities.
And of course Vietnam was not lost because of any military action but because the funds were cut.

At 6:04 AM, Blogger Joe Gringo said...

bingo, you are absolutely right. A million were killed after pulled out, it's all about staying the course.


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