Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Washington D.C............We Have A Problem

And that problem has to do with immigration. Freedom Fighter at JoshuaPundit has an eye-opening post, go to "The Immigrant Song" post......catchy title for Led Zep fans as he notes.

The new bill that has sparked the recent marches in various cities throughout the USA, in short calls for clearing the way for millions of undocumented workers to seek U.S. citizenship without having to first leave the country.

There are an estimated 9-11 million here, logistically this would be a nightmare and can't be done properly. Trust me, I've dealt with the INS, this is a paperwork nightmare waiting to happen. Within the 9-11 million, you can bet there are quite a few bad guys......criminals. Another thing, this would be a nightmare for the Republican party, while not all are from Mexico, most are and almost all come from socialist forms of government....doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who most will vote for.

Something does need to be done, most here know that this is a FUN topic in the Gringo household....The Mrs. being from Mexico and dealing with the unbelievably inept INS and all, but I am against having 9-11 million new citizens.

A few things bother me, one is cultural imperialism. Mexico is a beautiful country, we go there to experience your culture and the beautiful things Mexico has to offer, expanding it at a potential alarming rate will dilute it and, it is my belief that children should be educated in a english only environment.....this can only benefit students. Offer Spanish as an elective class, period.

Another thing, the notion that we stole the land from Mexico and that a reconquista is underway. Didn't Gen. Santa Ana agree to sell California and New Mexico and then renig on the deal? Look, during the 1800's the Mexican population of California and Texas was approx. 6,000, that's a lot of land for 6,000 people. And I believe these "lands" were given to Spain by the Pope and when Mexico gained independence form Spain, ownership then passed on to Mexico.

I would be for something such as if an illegal immigrant has been here for 5 years with steady employment and a clean record, then we can accomodate him/her. More on this later............hell I have a job and am busier than I need to be. :-)


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Just to look at the brighter side of life - see the new US map at this site:


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