Thursday, August 23, 2007

Quotes of the Day

"Nailing chicks for Allah"......that's not it, merely the theme.

Lots of down time on the plane and in the airport when traveling through Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan when it's raining cats and to knock out 2 books, 1 a repeat.......

"The jihad's marketing strategists singled out the prison populations of North America, Australia and Western Europe as a ripe target demographic. Granted a lot of religions seek to convert the fallen, but to be honest, a wimp church like the Congregational crowd doesn't have much appeal to the average jailbird. The salient feature about Islam is not having to do anything icky like helping out with the church bazaar or be nice to gay people. As an Islamist, you can pretty much carry on doing all the things you like doing, the only difference is that you'll be doing them for your new religion: you can lie, cheat, steal, rape, kill women and children, as long as you're doing it for Allah and his victory over the infidels, it's cool. So we have not just a global terror movement and a global political project but a global gang culture insulated within the West's fastest growing demographic."

"If you're thinking profiling dodgy looking fellows with beards and robes when you're next on the subway, how are you going to spot Assem Hammoud? Arrested for plotting to blow up the Holland Tunnel, Osama Bin Laden told him to "live the life of a playboy, live the life of fun and indulgence." That way he would avoid detection. Cunning eh? Just to show you how seriously he took his assignment therer was a picture of Assem with a trio of burqua-less hotties on a mission from Cananda looking like a traveling man who's decided to blow his last night of expenses on a three girl special. What a master of disguise. "I was proud" declared Mr. Hammoud, "to carry out my orders"...even though they required him to booze it up and bed beautiful infidels all week long. But that's okay, he was nailing chicks for Allah. So he gamely put on a brave show of partying like it's 1999 even though as a devout Muslim, he'd rather party like its 799.

- Mark Steyn, from his book "America Alone, The End of the World As We Know It."

More Steyn...........

"In 1974 the oil industry accounted for 91% of Saudi Arabia exports. in 2000, it accounted for 91.4%. Two trillion dollars poured into the House of Saud's treasury and what did they do with it? Diversify the economy? Launch new industries? Open up the tourist sector? Not a thing. The country remained the same desert, literally and psycholically it was a quarter century earlier.

"Looking at it another way", wrote Frank Gaffney in his book "War Footing", "Saudi Arabia - which currently exports approximately ten million barrels of oil each day, receives an extra half billion dollars each day." Where does that extra half billion go? It goes to the Mosques and Madrassas that the Saudi's fund on every corner of the planet. Oil isn't the principle Saudi export, idealogy is, oil merely bankrolls it."

And as GW Bush says......"the Saudi's are our friends."

Friends.....just like the 15 of 19 hijacking killers on 9-11.


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