Tuesday, April 04, 2006

VDH On Immigration

This cat has just got it covered on every topic, read "Assimilation is the real debate".

My take on immigration is that there is no way on earth you can deport 12 million or so illegals, logistically it would be impossible and a bad political move. I posted last week that I am in favor of illegals here for 5+ years with steady employment and a clean record can start their citizenship process, and in this article, VDH alludes to the same idea....heh, heh. It is true that illegal immigrants have taken away just over 2 million jobs from legal hispanic immigrants....not good. I believe we should take care of the productive ones here, not the ones that syphon off of our education and health care system.


This past week, thousands of Hispanic demonstrators, fearful of strict new immigration laws, chanted "Mexico" and for some reason waved the flag of the country they fled from and most certainly do not want to return to.


The Mexican government seeks to entice wealthy retired Americans to build homes south of the U.S. border, even as it exports its own homeless to this country. What a cynical mindset: "You take our Mexican poor, we'll take your American rich." Got to give them credit for that one though!


As we've seen from second- and third-generation legal immigrants, when a person from Mexico comes to the U.S. with legal documentation, learns English and regards an unskilled job as the start, not the end, of a career, success most often follows.


Third, immigrants can survive one strike against them, maybe two — but not three. A Mexican citizen who is here illegally might do well with fluent English and a high-school diploma. But when one is illegal, not fluent in English and without education — and immersed with millions who share such disadvantages — then we witness the sort of raw emotion now on display in Congress and on our streets.


At 7:36 PM, Blogger MissingLink said...

After a while you just transplant poverty from one place to another and there are no winners.


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