Thursday, March 16, 2006

Bush Fein(s)gold With Russ Feingold

Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters had this to say:

Just a week ago, George Bush appeared to be on the political ropes. Thanks to conservative disappointment, his approval ratings had sunk to the dreadful level of the mid-30s, and his own party had administered a legislative rebuke on a national-security matter. The Democrats had the rare opportunity of having the GOP at war with itself rolling into the midterm elections and for the first time had considered the possibility of retaking control of the House after twelve years of minority status.

And then along came Russ Feingold

...and this

With his attack on the President and his foolish censure motion, Feingold has changed the tone of the midterms single-handedly.

...and this

The GOP could not ask for a better weapon against the Democrats. This will ignite the base, which had been mightily disappointed in Bush for his spending and his lack of focus on border security

...and finally this

Feingold has the Democrats boxed in. If they proceed with censures and impeachment talk, they lose in November, and lose big. If they back off, they will lose their activist base, which has waited for years to push them into this position. Karl Rove and the Republican team must be breathing huge sighs of relief. Who knew the cavalry would appear in the form of Feingold to rescue the Republican midterms?


At 6:23 PM, Blogger MissingLink said...

If they proceed with censures and impeachment talk, ..

They really don't have ANY program whatsoever, do they?


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