Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Great Analogy

From milblogger extraordinaire Op-For :

Consider this your political baseball zen for the day.
People hate the New York Yankees. And not just people who have reason to hate the Yanks, like Red Sox fans.
There's no real reason to hate the Yanks, other than the fact that they are the most successful and dynamic team in Major League history. So we think of reasons to hate them. We call George Steinbrenner a greedy, conniving sneak. We get one cocky remark out of Derek Jeter and all of a sudden the entire team is -and always has been- an arrogant, pushy baseball superpower. Perception becomes reality and so on.
I wonder how many people in the world have a real, geniune reason to hate the United States. And I wonder how much of that anti-American sentiment is just plain old Yankee-envy.


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