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If this true-to-life image of Muhammad, the self-proclaimed prophet of Islam, offends you more than the murder of thousands of innocent people explicitly in the name of Islam and Allah each year, then it means that you are definitely a Muslim (or at least a well-known type of Muslim) and this page is for you.

As a Muslim, you know that life is full of tough choices. Do you behead or not behead? Have adult relations with your buddy's 9-year-old child...? Take a female sex slave... ?

For followers of the Religion of Peace, it all comes down to knowing what Muhammad did when faced with the same decisions (based on reliable Muslim sources, of course). In fact, the more you know about the founder of Islam the better, even if you aren't Muslim.

Forget all those shifty-eyed apologists, trying to make Muhammad out to be some sort of "Jesus clone" based on a few obscure anecdotes. The prophet of Islam definitely wasn't one to turn the other cheek or keep his worldly appetites in check.

You want the truth? Think you can handle it? Well, here you are then...

Would Muhammad.......?

Have sex with a 9 year old girl?
Answer: YES
Source: Hadith

Advocate beheadings?
Answer: YES
Source: Qur'an

Reequire woman to cover their faces?
Answer: YES
Source: Qur'an & Hadith

Make friends with Christians, Jews or other non-Muslims?
Answer: NO
Source: Qur'an

Own slaves?
Answer: YES
Source: Qur'an & Hadith

Marry his daughter-in-law?
Answer: YES
Source: Qur'an

Approve of prostitution?
Answer: YES
Source: Qur'an & Hadith

Recommend wife beating?
Answer: YES
Source: Qur'an & Hadith

Hit his own wife?
Answer: YES
Source: Hadith

Kill prisoners of war?
Answer: YES
Source: Hadith

Advocate suicide attacks?
Answer: YES
Source: Qur'an & Hadith

Kill apostates?
Answer: YES
Source: Qur'an & Hadith

Tell sick persons to heal themselves by drinking camel urine?
Answer: YES
Source: Hadith

Beat children who don't pray?
Answer: YES
Source: Hadith

Have eleven wifes (at one time)?
Answer: YES
Source: Hadith

Answer: YES
Source: Qur'an & Hadith

Enslave women and children?
Answer: YES
Source: Hadith & Ibn Ishaq

Stone adulterers to death?
Answer: YES
Source: Hadith

Torture a man out of greed?
Answer: YES
Source: Ibn Ishaq

Consider men and women equal partners?
Answer: NO
Source: Qur'an & Hadith

Kill someone for insulting him?
Answer: YES
Source: Qur'an & Hadith

Preach love for people of all religions?
Answer: NO
Source: Qur'an & Hadith

Extort money from other religions?
Answer: YES
Source: Qur'an & Hadith

Keep women as sex slaves?
Answer: YES
Source: Qur'an

Force conversions to Islam?
Answer: YES
Source: Qur'an & Hadith

Commit acts of terror?
Answer: YES
Source: Qur'an & Hadith

Kill a woman?
Answer: YES
Source: Biographers

Capture a woman and rape her?
Answer: YES
Source: Hadith

Encourage the rape of women in front of their husbands?
Answer: YES
Source: Hadith (Abu Dawud: 2150)

Pretty sick huh?

Oh, and don't forget that according to Allah himself (speaking through Muhammad, of course) Muhammad is the most "beautiful pattern of conduct" and "example" for mankind to follow (Qur'an Sura 33:21)!

Major h/t The Religion of Peace.

Today in History....August 30

On this day in …

* 1861, Union Gen. John C. Fremont instituted martial law in Missouri and declared slaves there to be free. (However, Fremont's order was countermanded days later by President Lincoln)

* 1862, Union forces were defeated by the Confederates at the Second Battle of Bull Run in Manassas, Va.

* 1905, Ty Cobb made his major-league debut as a player for the Detroit Tigers, hitting a double in his first at-bat in a game against the New York Highlanders. (The Tigers won, 5-3.)

* 1945, Gen. Douglas MacArthur arrived in Japan to set up Allied occupation headquarters

* 1963, the "Hot Line" communications link between Washington and Moscow went into operation

* 1987, a redesigned space shuttle booster, created in the wake of the Challenger disaster, roared into life in its first full-scale test-firing near Brigham City, Utah

* 1991, Azerbaijan declared its independence, joining the stampede of republics seeking to secede from the Soviet Union

* 1997, Philip Noel Johnson, an armored car driver who had stolen
$18.8 million, was arrested at the Texas border. (Johnson was later sentenced to 25 years in prison.)

* 2002, with just hours to spare, baseball averted a strike; it was the first time since 1970 that players and owners had agreed to a new collective bargaining agreement without a work stoppage

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I posted this last August, although I was a pup in the 70's, my choice for music was influenced by my older brothers, leaning towards The Stones, Foghat, The Who, Skynyrd.........check these rockin' studs out. I betcha Larry Craig, Mark Foley and James McGreavey were toe-tapping to these guys back then. That was low, I know.....crank it. ;-)

-Maybe, in his press conference yesterday, Craig was actually talking his about aching muscles:
"I never have Ben Gay!" - David Freddoso at The Corner

Quote of the Day / Interview of the Week

"Just like in the days of communism, the Left venerates tyranny and yearns for submission under it. The Left knows exactly what it is doing when abetting and supporting an entity that it knows it itself will be consumed by. There is a logic to why leftist intellectuals support societies that butcher intellectuals, why leftist feminists support societies that mutilate women and why leftist homosexuals and minorities worship societies that barbarize homosexuals and minorities. It's a death wish based on self-loathing."

--Jamie Glazov of with his interview with Robert Spencer "Defending Our Own Civilization."


FP: Who is threatened by militant Islam? Who are the potential victims?

Spencer: Everyone is threatened by the Islamic jihad in various ways, except the Muslim male jihadists themselves. The Islamic law the jihadists want to institute institutionalizes the subjugation of women and non-Muslims, denies freedom of conscience, inhibits freedom of speech and freedom of inquiry. So who is not among the potential victims?

.......more from Robert Spencer:

"Islam is unique among religions in having a developed doctrine, theology, and legal system mandating warfare against unbelievers. This is found in the Qur'an and Sunnah, as well as in Islamic jurisprudence. Many like to point to violent passages in the Bible as an alleged equivalent to this, but actually the Bible contains no open-ended, universal command for believers to wage war against unbelievers, as does the Qur'an (9:5, 9:29, 2:190-193, etc.). The violent passages in the Bible are also spiritualized by most exegetes, while mainstream Muslim commentators going back to Muhammad's first biographer, Ibn Ishaq, and including many modern authorities (such as Imran Ahsen Khan Nyazee of the International Islamic University and many others) see the Qur'an's violent passages as taking precedence over other, relatively peaceful passages.

Jesus taught, "Love your enemies" (Matthew 5:44). The Qur'an tells Muslims to be "ruthless to unbelievers" (48:29). When one commits violence in the name of Christianity, he is transgressing against Christ's teachings, but the jihadists make and sustain the case among their fellow Muslims that they are the believers who are being truly faithful to Islamic teaching."

Today in History....August 29

On this day in …

* 1533, the last Incan King of Peru, Atahualpa, was murdered on orders of Spanish conqueror Francisco Pizarr

* 1943, responding to a clampdown by Nazi, ym"sh, occupiers, Denmark managed to scuttle most of its naval ships

* 1944, 15,000 American troops marched down the Champs Elysees in Paris as the French capital continued to celebrate its liberation from the Nazis, ym"sh

* 1965, Gemini 5, carrying astronauts Gordon Cooper and Charles
("Pete") Conrad, splashed down in the Atlantic after eight days in space

* 1997, hooded practitioners of that "religion of peace" killed more than 300 people in an Algerian farm village in the worst carnage since an Islamic insurgency began. ALSO: Japan's Supreme Court ruled that the country's Education Ministry broke the law by removing mention of a Japanese World War II atrocity from historian Saburo Ienaga's high school textbook

* 2002, a judge in Norwalk, Conn., sentenced Michael Skakel to 20 years to life in prison for bludgeoning his teenage neighbor, Martha Moxley, with a golf club in 1975 after hearing the Kennedy cousin tearfully proclaim his innocence

* 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast near Buras, La.; the resulting floods devastated the city of New Orleans. More than 1,800 people in the region died

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

IRAN PREPARED TO FILL IRAQ POWER VACUUM...have fine tuned Smart Bomb program.

Today in History....August 28

On this day in …

* 1609, Henry Hudson discovered Delaware Bay

* 1907, United Parcel Service had its beginnings as the American Messenger Co. of Seattle

* 1963, 200,000 people participated in a peaceful civil rights rally in Washington, where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his "I Have a Dream" speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial

* 1968, police and anti-war demonstrators clashed in the streets of Chicago as the Democratic national convention nominated Hubert H.
Humphrey for president

* 1973, more than 600 people died as an earthquake shook central Mexico

* 1997, after nearly a year of legal challenges, California's affirmative action ban, Proposition 209, finally became law. ALSO:
U.S. troops became more deeply embroiled in a violent power struggle among Bosnian Serbs, firing tear gas and warning shots to fend off rock-hurling Serb mobs

* 2006, prosecutors in Colorado abruptly dropped their case against John Mark Karr in the slaying of JonBenet Ramsey, saying DNA tests failed to put him at the crime scene despite his repeated insistence he'd killed the 6-year-old beauty queen

Monday, August 27, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth

Curious/fun facts that are fun to post. Can you name the owners of these two homes? Barry G. at A Small Dose of Reality gives you the answers........

House #1

A 20 room mansion (not including 8 bathrooms) heated bynatural gas. Add on a pool ( and a pool house) and a separate guesthouse, all heated by gas. In one month this residence consumes more energy than the average American household does in a year. The average bill for electricity and natural gas runs over $2400. In natural gas alone, this property consumes more than 20 times the national average for an American home. This house is not situated in a Northern or Midwestern "snow belt" area. It's in the South.

House #2

Designed by an architecture professor at a leading national university. This house incorporates every "green" feature current home construction can provide. The house is 4,000 square feet (4 bedrooms) and is nestled on a high prairie in the American southwest. A central closet in the house holds geothermal heat-pumps drawing ground water through pipes sunk 300 feet into the ground. The water (usually 67 degrees F.) heats the house in the winter and cools it in the summer. The system uses no fossil fuels such as oil or natural gas and it con sumes one-quarter electricity required for a conventional heating/cooling system. Rainwater from the roof is collected and funneled into a 25,000 gallon underground cistern. Wastewater from showers, sinks and toilets goes into underground purifying tanks and then into the cistern. The collected water then irrigates the land surrounding the house. Surrounding flowers and shrubs native to the area enable the property to blend into the surrounding rural landscape.

Today in History....August 27

On this day in …

* 1859, Col. Edwin L. Drake drilled the first successful oil well in the United States, near Titusville, Pa.

* 1883, the island volcano Krakatoa blew up; the resulting tidal waves in Indonesia's Sunda Strait claimed some 36,000 lives in Java and Sumatra

* 1894, Congress passed the Wilson-Gorman Tariff Act, which contained a provision for a graduated income tax that was later struck down by the Supreme Court

* 1928, the Kellogg-Briand Pact was signed in Paris, outlawing war and providing for the peaceful settlement of disputes

* 1962, the United States launched the Mariner 2 space probe, which flew past Venus in December

* 1975, Haile Selassie, the last emperor of Ethiopia's 3,000-year-old monarchy, died in Addis Ababa at age 83 almost a year after being overthrown

* 1979, British war hero Lord Louis Mountbatten was killed off the coast of Ireland in a boat explosion claimed by the Irish Republican Army

* 2002, a Tokyo court acknowledged for the first time Japan's use of biological weapons before and during World War II, but rejected demands for compensation by 180 Chinese who claimed they were victims of the germ warfare program

* 2006, two Fox News journalists, Steve Centanni and cameraman Olaf Wiig, were freed by practitioners of that "religion of peace" nearly two weeks after being kidnapped in Gaza City

Friday, August 24, 2007

The Democrats Lovefest With Hillary

Gotta love an article that starts like this one.......

"Democrats face a potentially disastrous conundrum in the 2008 presidential nominating race: Sen. Hillary Clinton, the front-runner, is the most disliked candidate among her party's contenders."

Read the rest of Donald Lambro's "Hillary's High Negatives."

Blogging News

THE BLOGOSPHERE HITS THE 100 million blog mark. Another "grim milestone?" Some will see it that way . . . .

Today in History....August 24

On this day in …

* 79, long-dormant Mount Vesuvius erupted, burying the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum in volcanic ash. An estimated 20,000 people died

* 410, Rome was overrun by the Visigoths, an event that symbolized the fall of the Western Roman Empire

* 1814, British forces invaded Washington, setting fire to the Capitol and the White House, among other buildings

* 1857, the New York branch of the Ohio Life Insurance and Trust Co.
failed, sparking the "Panic of 1857"

* 1932, Amelia Earhart embarked on a 19-hour flight from Los Angeles to Newark, N.J., making her the first woman to fly solo non-stop from coast to coast

* 1949, the North Atlantic Treaty came into force

* 1954, President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the Communist Control Act, outlawing the Communist Party in the United States

* 1970, a bomb planted by anti-war extremists exploded at the University of Wisconsin's Sterling Hall in Madison, killing 33-year-old researcher Robert Fassnacht

* 2002, in Oregon City, Ore., the FBI uncovered human remains in an outbuilding behind the house of Ward Weaver III, a suspect in the case of two missing girls who lived across the street. (Authorities recovered the remains of 12-year-old Ashley Pond and 13-year-old Miranda Gaddis; Weaver later pleaded guilty to aggravated murder and was sentenced to two consecutive life terms in prison.)

* 2006, the International Astronomical Union declared that Pluto was no longer a planet, demoting it to the status of a "dwarf planet."

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Latest Offerings From The Religion of Peace

Weekly Jihad Report Aug. 11 - Aug. 17

Jihad Attacks: 61
Dead Bodies: 724
Critically Injured: 659

8/23/07 ( Helmand, Afghanistan ) - Three Afghan civilians are murdered in a Taliban suicide attack.
8/22/07 ( Quetta, Pakistan ) - A barbershop is one of two sites attacked by fundamentalists with grenades.
8/22/07 ( Nazran, Ingushetia ) - Islamic terrorists attack a security convoy, killing at least one member.
8/22/07 ( Kufa, Iraq ) - A female university professer is stabbed to death by Islamic radicals.
8/22/07 ( Beiji, Iraq ) - A suicidal Sunni drives a truck bomb into a police station, incinerating twenty-five police and twenty civilians.
8/22/07 ( Muqdadiyah, Iraq ) - A suicide bomber on a motorcycle kills six Iraqis.

Reason # 6,987 Why I Despise Hillary Clinton

Quoting her the other day.........“We've begun to change tactics in Iraq, and in some areas, particularly in Al Anbar province, it's working. We're just years too late changing our tactics. We can't ever let that happen again. We can't be fighting the last war. We have to be preparing to fight the new war.”


Let's keep it consistent. Since the US has been at war in the Middle East, it's been nothing but George Bush's failed war in Iraq, Bush's failed policies, Bush's failed this and failed that. Now that we are seeing signs of progress, in some cases tremendous progress, signs that President Bush just may have been right all along and that just scares the crap out of you and the rest of you Bush -whackers, you jump on the WE bandwagon. Your husband was a master politician, you are not, you are a master of manipulation, a liar and possess no leadership skills.

h/t - some caller on Laura Ingraham's show this morning.....who absolutely nailed it.

Quotes of the Day

"Nailing chicks for Allah"......that's not it, merely the theme.

Lots of down time on the plane and in the airport when traveling through Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan when it's raining cats and to knock out 2 books, 1 a repeat.......

"The jihad's marketing strategists singled out the prison populations of North America, Australia and Western Europe as a ripe target demographic. Granted a lot of religions seek to convert the fallen, but to be honest, a wimp church like the Congregational crowd doesn't have much appeal to the average jailbird. The salient feature about Islam is not having to do anything icky like helping out with the church bazaar or be nice to gay people. As an Islamist, you can pretty much carry on doing all the things you like doing, the only difference is that you'll be doing them for your new religion: you can lie, cheat, steal, rape, kill women and children, as long as you're doing it for Allah and his victory over the infidels, it's cool. So we have not just a global terror movement and a global political project but a global gang culture insulated within the West's fastest growing demographic."

"If you're thinking profiling dodgy looking fellows with beards and robes when you're next on the subway, how are you going to spot Assem Hammoud? Arrested for plotting to blow up the Holland Tunnel, Osama Bin Laden told him to "live the life of a playboy, live the life of fun and indulgence." That way he would avoid detection. Cunning eh? Just to show you how seriously he took his assignment therer was a picture of Assem with a trio of burqua-less hotties on a mission from Cananda looking like a traveling man who's decided to blow his last night of expenses on a three girl special. What a master of disguise. "I was proud" declared Mr. Hammoud, "to carry out my orders"...even though they required him to booze it up and bed beautiful infidels all week long. But that's okay, he was nailing chicks for Allah. So he gamely put on a brave show of partying like it's 1999 even though as a devout Muslim, he'd rather party like its 799.

- Mark Steyn, from his book "America Alone, The End of the World As We Know It."

More Steyn...........

"In 1974 the oil industry accounted for 91% of Saudi Arabia exports. in 2000, it accounted for 91.4%. Two trillion dollars poured into the House of Saud's treasury and what did they do with it? Diversify the economy? Launch new industries? Open up the tourist sector? Not a thing. The country remained the same desert, literally and psycholically it was a quarter century earlier.

"Looking at it another way", wrote Frank Gaffney in his book "War Footing", "Saudi Arabia - which currently exports approximately ten million barrels of oil each day, receives an extra half billion dollars each day." Where does that extra half billion go? It goes to the Mosques and Madrassas that the Saudi's fund on every corner of the planet. Oil isn't the principle Saudi export, idealogy is, oil merely bankrolls it."

And as GW Bush says......"the Saudi's are our friends."

Friends.....just like the 15 of 19 hijacking killers on 9-11.

Today in History...August 23

On this day in …

* 1775, Britain's King George III proclaimed the American colonies in a state of "open and avowed rebellion."

* 1914, Japan declared war against Germany in World War I

* 1927, Italian-born anarchists Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were executed in Boston for the murders of two men during a 1920 robbery. (Fifty years later, on this date in 1977, Mass. Gov.
Michael S. Dukakis proclaimed that "any stigma and disgrace should be forever removed" from their names.)

* 1939, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union agreed to a non-aggression treaty, the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, in Moscow

* 1944, Romanian prime minister Ion Antonescu was dismissed by King Michael, paving the way for Romania to abandon the Axis in favor of the Allies

* 1973, a bank robbery-turned-hostage standoff began in Stockholm, Sweden; by the time the crisis ended, the four hostages had come to empathize with their captors, an occurrence that came to be known as "Stockholm Syndrome"

* 1982, Lebanon's parliament elected Christian militia leader Bashir Gemayel president. (However, Gemayel was assassinated some three weeks later by practitioners of that "religion of peace".)

* 2006, a previously unknown militant group released the first video of two kidnapped Fox News journalists. (Correspondent Steve Centanni and cameraman Olaf Wiig were later freed.)

Monday, August 20, 2007

Off to Milwaukee/Sheboygan, WI...back on Wednesday late afternoon.

Today in History...August 20

On this day in …

* 1866, President Andrew Johnson formally declared the Civil War over, months after fighting had stopped

* 1914, German forces occupied Brussels, Belgium, during World War I

* 1920, pioneering American radio station 8MK in Detroit (later WWJ) began daily broadcasting

* 1940, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill paid tribute to the Royal Air Force, saying, "Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few."

* 1953, the Soviet Union publicly acknowledged it had tested a hydrogen bomb

* 1955, hundreds of people were killed in anti-French rioting in Morocco and Algeria

* 1964, President Johnson signed the Economic Opportunity Act, a nearly $1 billion anti-poverty measure

* 1968, the Soviet Union and other Warsaw Pact nations began invading Czechoslovakia to crush the "Prague Spring" liberalization drive of Alexander Dubcek's regime

* 1977, the U.S. launched Voyager 2, an unmanned spacecraft carrying a 12-inch copper phonograph record containing greetings in dozens of languages, samples of music and sounds of nature

* 1986, postal employee Patrick Henry Sherrill went on a deadly rampage at a post office in Edmond, Okla., shooting 14 fellow workers to death before killing himself

* 2002, without firing a shot, masked German police commandos freed two senior diplomats from armed men who had stormed the Iraqi embassy, bringing a bloodless end to a five-hour hostage drama by a previously unknown group opposed to Saddam Hussein

* 2006, John Mark Karr, the suspect in the death of 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey, sipped champagne and dined on prawns and roast duck in business class of Thai Airways as he was flown to the U.S.
(Although he'd implicated himself in JonBenet's slaying, Karr was later cleared.)

Friday, August 17, 2007


  • Another Congressional Democrat has shifted his views on Iraq to support from opposition -- and this change has significance. Rep. Brian Baird, one of the Democrats who voted against the authorization to use military force in 2002, has now returned from Iraq convinced that we need to give General David Petraeus more time. . . . Baird made it plain that his change of heart is based on two very clear criteria. One, a pullback would devastate Iraq and be catastrophic to the region and our national interests. Primarily, though, Baird believes that Petraeus has made real progress. He does not want to pull out while success can still be achieved.

The trash-Petraeus campaign may have waited too long to get off the ground.

Bill Maher......The Brainiac

“…one of the most politically astute comedians in America today” who has garnered “the respect and admiration of millions of fans


Yah, then I invented tequila and taco's.

Because when it comes to the Balkans, this is an above-average statement:

"But — the people in Fort Dix, New Jersey. They were Serbian or Albanian or something."
– Bill Maher, Larry King Live, Aug. 14

What a d*ck.

That’s like saying, “In World War II, we were fighting the British, or Germans or something…”

Serbian, Albanian, Muslim, Christian — those Balkan folks are all so interchangeable and expendable. Why differentiate among them and confuse national policy?

Can’t we just call them all “Balki” like on that ’80s sitcom “Perfect Strangers”? Weren’t Latka and Simka from there too?

h/t Julia Gorin

Test Time

Take Dennis Prager's test here..........I went no for 23.

Today in History....August 17

On this day in …

* 1807, Robert Fulton's North River Steamboat (popularly, if erroneously, known to this day as the Clermont) began heading up the Hudson River on its successful round-trip between New York and Albany

* 1863, federal batteries and ships began bombarding Fort Sumter in Charleston harbor during the Civil War, but the Confederates managed to hold on despite several days of pounding

* 1896, a prospecting party discovered gold in Canada, a finding that touched off the Klondike gold rush

* 1915, a mob in Cobb County, Ga., lynched Jewish businessman Leo Frank, whose death sentence for the murder of 13-year-old Mary Phagan had been commuted to life imprisonment. (Frank, who'd maintained his innocence, was pardoned by the state of Georgia in

* 1942, during World War II, U.S. Eighth Air Force bombers attacked Rouen, France

* 1943, the Allied conquest of Sicily was completed as U.S. and British forces entered Messina

* 1969, 256 people were killed as Hurricane Camille slammed into the Gulf Coast

* 1978, the first successful trans-Atlantic balloon flight ended as Maxie Anderson, Ben Abruzzo and Larry Newman landed their Double Eagle Two outside Paris

* 1987, Rudolf Hess, ym"sh, the last member of the inner circle of Adolf Hitler, ym"sh, died at Spandau Prison at age 93, an apparent suicide

* 1996, the Reform Party announced Ross Perot had won its nomination to be its first-ever presidential candidate

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Joe Physics....

Remember the first few times you tried to grasp the meaning of infinity and the ever expanding universe........what's beyond it, how did it all begin, what was there before.....still blows me away.

Looks like we have something else to ponder, very cool if TRUE:

"A pair of German physicists claim to have broken the speed of light - an achievement that would undermine our entire understanding of space and time.

Being able to travel faster than the speed of light would lead to a wide variety of bizarre consequences.

For instance, an astronaut moving faster than it would theoretically arrive at a destination before leaving."

Just think how many rounds of golf you could get in? Hell I could sneak on at Augusta National, play 36 holes before ever getting caught!

Now, for more stuff to keep you awake thinking, try this.....Time May not Exist.

The possibility that time may not exist is known among physicists as the “problem of time.” It may be the biggest, but it is far from the only temporal conundrum. Vying for second place is this strange fact: The laws of physics don’t explain why time always points to the future. All the laws—whether Newton’s, Einstein’s, or the quirky quantum rules—would work equally well if time ran backward. As far as we can tell, though, time is a one-way process; it never reverses, even though no laws restrict it.

“It’s quite mysterious why we have such an obvious arrow of time,” says Seth Lloyd, a quantum mechanical engineer at MIT. (When I ask him what time it is, he answers, “Beats me. Are we done?”) “The usual explanation of this is that in order to specify what happens to a system, you not only have to specify the physical laws, but you have to specify some initial or final condition.”

Read the rest here.....

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tequila Trip Photos

Kinda of don't have time to document each photo, but these are of me, the Mrs. and the 3 Little Joes, ages 10,5 and 3 in Tequila, Jalisco, some in the blue agave fields, some with Tequila's volcano in the background, some with and without Daniella's broken arm and some at the end on the beach at Mazatlan, a smooth 6-7 hours drive north of Tequila. The 10th photo down is one taken right next to where you get the best taco's on earth, yes, on a cart, Taco's El Medico, this cat has been making these babies in Tequila for 25 or so years.....yah I know, everyone knows where to the best taco's....sorry, I win, hands down, these take the cake.....the kids wanted to go every night.....and we just about did! (click to enlarge)

Looks like Little Joe......has gotta go!

Today in History....August 15

On this day in …

* 1057, Macbeth, King of Scots, was killed in battle by Malcolm, the eldest son of King Duncan, whom Macbeth had slain

* 1914, the Panama Canal opened to traffic

* 1935, humorist Will Rogers and aviator Wiley Post were killed when their airplane crashed near Point Barrow, Alaska

* 1944, during World War II, Allied forces landed in southern France in Operation Dragoon

* 1945, Emperor Hirohito announced to his subjects in a pre-recorded radio address that Japan had accepted terms of surrender for ending World War II

* 1947, India became independent after some 200 years of British rule

* 1948, the Republic of Korea was proclaimed

* 1971, President Richard Nixon announced a 90-day freeze on wages, prices and rents

* 1997, the Justice Department decided against prosecuting senior FBI officials in connection with an alleged cover-up that followed the deadly 1992 Ruby Ridge siege in Idaho

* 2002, President George W. Bush, using Mount Rushmore as a dramatic backdrop, pressed Congress to give him a flexible, fast-moving homeland security department. ALSO: Some 600 family members of 9-11 victims filed a trillion-dollar federal lawsuit against Saudi officials, banks and charities, charging they had financed Osama bin Laden's network and the attacks on New York and Washington

* 2006, Israel began withdrawing its forces from southern Lebanon

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Latest Offerings from the Religion of Peace

Monthly Jihad Report .....courtesy of ......well, The Religion of Peace!

For July, 2007
Jihad Attacks: 322
Countries: 17
Dead Bodies: 2211
Critically Injured: 2674

And in the last 2 days.........
8/14/07 ( Jandola, Pakistan ) - Islamic radicals kidnap and behead a Pakistani soldier.
8/14/07 ( Zhari, Afghanistan ) - Six Aafghan civilians and their guard are killed in an al-Qaeda rocket attack on their minibus.
8/13/07 ( Swat, Pakistan ) - Four people are killed when Islamic terrorists detonate a roadside bomb against a passing vehicle.
8/13/07 ( Nahr al-Bared, Lebanon ) - A Fatah al-Islam sniper murders a Lebanese soldier.
8/13/07 ( Mogadishu, Somalia ) - A young boy is killed when Islamic militias assault a police station.
8/13/07 ( Mogadishu, Somalia ) - A man sitting in a tea shop is assassinated by Muslim radicals.

And............ Hollywood's Terrorists ........Mormon, not Muslim.

Today in History....August 14

On this day in …

* 1848, the Oregon Territory was created

* 1900, international forces, including U.S. Marines, entered Beijing to put down the Boxer Rebellion, which was aimed at purging China of foreign influence

* 1917, China declared war on Germany and Austria during World War I

* 1935, President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act into law

* 1945, President Harry Truman announced that Japan had surrendered unconditionally, ending World War II

* 1947, Pakistan became independent of British rule

* 1969, British troops went to Northern Ireland to intervene in sectarian violence between Protestants and Roman Catholics

* 1973, the U.S. bombing of Cambodia came to a halt

* 1980, workers went on strike at the Lenin Shipyard in Gdansk, Poland, in a job action that resulted in the creation of the Solidarity labor movement

* 1997, an unrepentant Timothy McVeigh was formally sentenced to death for the Oklahoma City bombing. ALSO: Two cosmonauts (Vasily Tsibliyev and Alexander Lazutkin) made it safely home to Earth after a luckless six-month mission aboard the Mir space station

* 2003, a huge blackout hit the northeastern United States and part of Canada; 50 million people lost power

* 2006, Israel halted its offensive against Hezbollah guerrillas as a U.N.-imposed cease-fire went into effect. ALSO: Cuban state television aired the first video of Fidel Castro since he stepped down as president to recover from surgery, showing the bedridden Cuban leader talking with his brother Raul as well as Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez

Friday, August 03, 2007

Off For México

I've done a bit of traveling this year, 95% has been work related, now I'm off to Jalisco, México for MY vacation. Drove the Mrs. and Little Joes down to Tequila 3 weeks ago, I flew I'm flying down mañana and drive back with them next week. Back in a week.....Late.......

Cross Dressing al-Qaeda 'baters Caught

That felt good to write that.

Mike Yon witnessed Operation Arrow Ripper in Baqubah:

  • "As the attack unfolded, about a thousand Iraqis fled their homes, and it was the job of C-52 to screen for al Qaeda. Some al Qaeda—who cross-dressed and tried to slip out as women—were caught when their disguises failed. Some Iraqis reported that homes in their areas had been destroyed, and I recall one saying that people were trapped in the rubble, though civilian deaths from our attacks were so low they were difficult to count. (I had free range and was specifically watching for civilian fatalities, yet did not see any civilians killed by us during the attack.)
    The deliberate pace of the attack, the systematic and thorough process of clearing the city house by house, street by street, and block by block, were factors in this; but the civilian and military casualties were also kept low by the unexpected and overwhelming cooperation of ordinary Iraqi citizens, who pointed out the enemy and many of the bombs set to ambush troops..."

Mike talks about the build up to the battle, the surrounding of Baqubah, and the success that C-52 begins to have. Mike ends with a teaser that you want to keep checking his online magazine for Part 2...

Mrs. Doubtfire's troubled younger brother lookin' for love.. this guy should just denounce his citzenship, what an ass-hat.

Today in History....August 3

On this day in …

* 1492, Christopher Columbus set sail from Palos, Spain, on a voyage that took him to the present-day Americas. You should read "1421, The Year China Discovered the World" by Gavin Menzies......verrrrry interesting.

* 1807, former Vice President Aaron Burr went on trial before a federal court in Richmond, Va., charged with treason. (He was acquitted less than a month later.)

* 1914, Germany declared war on France at the onset of World War I

* 1923, Calvin Coolidge was sworn in as the 30th president of the United States, following the death of Warren G. Harding

* 1943, Gen. George S. Patton slapped a private at an army hospital in Sicily, accusing him of cowardice. (Patton was later ordered by Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower to apologize for this and a second, similar episode.)

* 1949, the National Basketball Association was formed as a merger of the Basketball Association of America and the National Basketball League

* 1958, the nuclear-powered submarine Nautilus became the first vessel to cross the North Pole underwater

* 1980, closing ceremonies were held in Moscow for the Summer Olympic Games, which had been boycotted by dozens of countries, including the U.S.

* 1981, U.S. air traffic controllers went on strike, despite a warning from President Ronald Reagan they would be fired, which they were

* 2002, Taiwanese President Chen Shui-bian declared in a speech that Taiwan was "not someone else's province" but rather an independent country separate from China. (Chen's comments sparked an uproar both in China and at home, prompting him to back away from his pointed

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Today in History....August 1

On this day in …

* 1774, British scientist Joseph Priestley succeeded in isolating
oxygen from air

* 1894, the First Sino-Japanese War erupted, the result of a dispute
over control of Korea; Japan's army routed the Chinese

* 1907, the U.S. Air Force had its beginnings as the U.S. Army
Signal Corps established an aeronautical division in charge of "all
matters pertaining to military ballooning, air machines and all
kindred subjects."

* 1914, Germany declared war on Russia at the onset of World War I

* 1944, an uprising broke out in Warsaw, Poland, against Nazi,
ym"sh, occupation, a revolt that lasted two months before collapsing

* 1946, President Harry S. Truman signed the Fulbright Program into
law, establishing the scholarships named for Sen. William J.

* 1957, the United States and Canada agreed to create the North
American Air Defense Command (NORAD)

* 1966, 25-year-old Charles Joseph Whitman went on a shooting
rampage at the University of Texas in Austin, killing 14 people.
Whitman, who had also murdered his wife and mother hours earlier,
was gunned down by police

* 1997, the National Cancer Institute reported that fallout from
1950s nuclear bomb tests had exposed millions of children across the
country to radioactive iodine. ALSO: President Bill Clinton lifted a
20-year-old ban on the sale of high-performance aircraft and other
advanced weapons to Latin America.

* 2002, two former WorldCom executives were arrested on charges of
falsifying the books at the now-bankrupt long-distance company.
ALSO: The United States and a bloc of Southeast Asian nations signed
a sweeping anti-terrorism treaty

* 2006, Mel Gibson issued a statement in which he denied being a
bigot; he also apologized to "everyone in the Jewish community for
the vitriolic and harmful words" he'd used when he was arrested for
investigation of drunken driving. ALSO: Fidel Castro released a
statement a day after temporarily ceding power to his brother Raul
in which he sought to reassure Cubans that his health was stable
after intestinal surgery.